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Autobiography available for preorder
Cover of book Lewis E. Lehrman The Sum of It All

The Sum of It All will be available November 14, 2023. Preorders are being taken now through Rowman & Littlefield, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

“Lewis E. Lehrman’s biography recounts a purposeful life of accomplishments. He was instrumental early on in building up the family business, Rite Aid. Later he formed a successful investment business, joined Morgan Stanley, and founded a hedge fund. To further his passion for study, he founded the Lehrman Institute and, with Richard Gilder, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, receiving the National Humanities Medal in 2005 for their groundbreaking work in history. Lehrman endowed the Lincoln Prize, partnered with Monticello, and created the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale. His significant collection of historical documents and artifacts is housed on the ground floor of the New-York Historical Society. Also a political conservative who worked at the grassroots level to promote ideas and issues, he ran for governor of New York against Mario Cuomo, went on to work with and challenge the Reagan administration, and then formed Citizens for America.

Filled with interviews, remembrances, quotes, and photographs of the many influential personalities, partners, and associates Lew has worked with throughout his life, they best testify to his significance. The sometimes unexpected choices Lew has made and delivered on sum up an exemplary life—wide, deep, and well lived. It’s his story, told the way he wants it to be recorded.”