Book Reviews

Lincoln ‘by littles’

“A superb examination of how Lincoln educated himself is Lewis Lehrman’s insightful book, Lincoln ‘by littles’.”
— Joel Jones, The Daily Times

Lehrman helps us understand Lincoln’s views on education, economics, secession, and other topics, while also giving us a deeper understanding of his core principles and belief in the equality of man as espoused in the Declaration of Independence. We get a sense also of Lincoln’s political guile and methods of persuasion, skills that helped him keep the Union together during the most crucial time in our history.
— David J. Kent, author of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity

The True Gold Standard:
A Monetary Reform Plan without Official Reserve Currencies

If you have ever wondered how the world can get from here to there from the chaos of depreciating paper to a convertible currency worthy of our children and our grandchildren wonder no more. The answer, brilliantly expounded, is between these covers. America has long needed a modern Alexander Hamilton. In Lewis E. Lehrman, she has finally found him.
— James Grant, Founder and Editor of Grants Interest Rate Observer

Buy it… it is a compelling read and a compelling architecture for a way forward.
— Lou Dobbs, Fox Business Network

The time is ripe for Mr. Lehrman s new book. It goes well beyond making a persuasive case for a return to the gold standard and provides a detailed road map for how to get there. When the time comes for a new U.S. administration and Congress to seriously consider monetary reform and it will come sooner rather than later if the Fed pursues its current course Mr. Lehrman’s book will serve as a valuable guide.
— George Melloan, Former columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of The Great Money Binge

The True Gold Standard describes a viable alternative monetary regime and is a road map for change. If and when the current monetary system converts to a hard money standard, Lewis Lehrman will be a part of it, directly or in absentia through this book. In that, The True Gold Standard is a valuable read, in all sorts of ways. The gold standard of gold books, if you will.
–Paul Brodsky for The American Spectator – June 2013